Summer proof foundation- don’t sweat off your base

I am a foundation junkie. If you looked at my collection, you’d see 50-60 bottles of various formulas and finishes. My foundation depends on my mood, the weather, my skin, and the finish I want that day. But, when it comes to summer and heat and sweat, there aren’t that many that can make it through a day without transferring or sliding off. This is my list of tried and true faves that can survive your Florida vacation.

1. The cult favorite Estée Lauder double wear. It doesn’t have a fancy bottle or anti aging ingredients, but it will stay and it will stay well. The color selection is tricky because EL just doesn’t do shade ranges well, but if you can find your shade, this will last through a hot summer day. Make sure you wash it off really well, and then wash again, because it is a harder one to remove and breakouts can occur if not thoroughly cleansed. $42 without a pump, $10 more for a pump

2. Senegence Makesense original foundation. Yes, this is a product sold through your Facebook friends, but it is a good one. They have made an anti-aging version but stead clear of it unless you have dry skin. The original has staying power, has great coverage, and is sweat proof. They have also expanded the shade range to be more inclusive. I have used this product for about 8 years now and always have it around. (I am also a rep only because I truly like the products). The cheapest way to purchase for yourself is to sign up. Otherwise it costs about $50 a bottle. 15 shades. This formula is also amazing blown through an airbrush and is excellent for makeup artists doing bridal since there is no flashback and it is cry proof. (

3. Westmore Beauty Perfector foundation + concealer. This foundation from the legendary Westmore family, creates a second skin that doesn’t budge or transfer. It can be built to a nice coverage and has a radiant finish on the skin. You can swim in this foundation and it’s not coming off. $36 on QVC and the brand website. Only 6 shades to choose from.

4. Wander Beauty Nude Illusion foundation. One of my recent faves, this foundation has a luminous skinlike finish and a lightweight fluid formula. It is self setting and does not transfer, even through a gym workout. The foundation is full of skin loving ingredients and comes in a squeeze tube with a doe foot applicator. There are 12 shades and it costs $40.

5. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear foundation. This one is a mouthful. This is my go to for a matte finish that lasts all day. It still retains a skinlike finish without looking like a mask and can be built to almost full coverage. This has one of the more expansive shade ranges with 30 shades and costs $48.

6. Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hour wear hydrating foundation. This has been a longtime favorite for the lasting ability on all skin types. It’s also a great mixer with other foundations to make them last longer. I carry about 12 shades in my kit but they have 40 shades in the line. One thing I really loved about the brand was the fact that they lowered the price this year to $36 rather than raising like other brands do. I only find I get about a medium coverage with it, but I don’t like a full coverage makeup.

When it comes to foundation, I don’t tend to go to drugstore products. The foundation is the base for all your makeup and can make a cheap powder or blush look expensive with the right formula. Don’t scrimp on your base.

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