Makeup Artist Warning Signs

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many other artists in my career. I’ve witnessed first hand how some artists use amazing sanitization and some use none at all. So I wanted to compile a list of non negotiables that you should watch for when using a makeup artist.

1- Is their kit clean and well organized? Look for dirt and hair and buildup on the surface and around products. This is a sign that they haven’t cleaned their kit in a while.

2- Are they using disposable tools? Anything that comes in contact with a mascara or gloss should be disposable. If they are using the same mascara wand on you that they are using on other people, you risk exposure to bacteria and disease. Tell them no, and ask for a fresh tube and disposable wand. (If you decide to continue with service). If they are double dipping in mascara, they are probably double dipping in other things, and chances are their kit is contaminated.

3- Are their tools clean? If they keep their dirty brushes and clean brushes in the same bin, they are contaminated. Ask for them to stop and sanitize their brushes.

4- Do they wash their hands or use hand sanitizer? Many artists use hands as a palette, which is fine, but make sure the hands are clean.

5- Are they blowing on their brushes or palettes? Are they sticking their fingers in their mouth? Sounds gross, but I’ve seen it happen. Spit and breath are contaminates.

Do not be afraid to question sanitation. Ask to see their kit. Look at their products before they touch your skin. Most of us keep our kits very clean, but not everyone takes it seriously. So it is up to you as the consumer to make sure the person you work with has your best interest in mind.

Have you witnessed bad sanitation? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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