10 bridal preparation tips you didn’t know you needed

I have worked a lot of weddings and there is always something unexpected that will pop up that you are never prepared for. I’ve prepared a list of things to consider, just in case.

1. Bangs or fringe- If you’re dream hairstyle has tendrils or hanging strange around the face, prepare by visiting your stylist and having face framing layers or a long bang cut into your hair. Hairstylists can do a lot of things, but we can’t make long hair short without a cut. And most of us do not carry scissors in our styling bag.

2. Neck hair- If you are planning to wear you’re hair up, consider what the back of your neck looks like. My hair tends to grow down my neck pretty far, and if I didn’t want that to be seen with my hair up, I’d need to have it trimmed off or shaved ahead of time. Depending on the density of the hair, it could potentially stick out or fall down and distract in photos.

3. Body sunscreen- If you are getting married outside, on the beach, in the summer, be prepared by applying your sunscreen. No one wants to be sunburned or blistered on their honeymoon.

4. Snacks- You would be surprised how many bridal parties I’ve worked on that did not have food to snack on while they were waiting. Everyone is starving and scrambling around trying to find how and where to get food. Have a plan or an arrangement before the big day so that you are comfortable and content the whole day.

5. Wind and humidity- This is another thing I’ve learned from experience. No matter how good your stylist is, we cannot beat Mother Nature. I highly recommend up styles for outdoor weddings where humidity or wind may be an issue. Curls and down styles do not last long and combined with heat and sweat, you have wasted your time and money with curling and styling. An upstyle can keep your hair off your body and can withstand the environment better.

6. Facial hair- Don’t be embarrassed, all women have some degree of facial hair. Those fine, invisible hairs can ruin a makeup application. It’s a myth that shaving or trimming makes it grow back darker or thicker. A smooth, hairless face will be the difference in good makeup and great makeup. See your facialist for a dermaplane or use some personal trimmers and trim them yourself. Your makeup artist will thank you.

7. Lint/hair- It can happen, someone has a pet or puts on a sweater or rubs against a towel. Have a lint brush handy. And while you’re at it, also have an emergency sewing kit and a pair of scissors. You never know when you might need them.

8. Lash extensions- Extensions are a huge trend for brides, but be weary. The thick, long, heavy sets I’m seeing can cast shadows under your eyes in photos. Opt for shorter styles with wispy structures to have a more natural effect in photos.

9. Hydration- My biggest piece of advice I offer all my brides is to stay hydrated the week before your wedding. Dehydration can wreak havoc on the skin. Drinking and celebrating leading up to the wedding will dehydrate you, so making sure you are also drinking tons of water will help keep your skin in a healthy state for the big day.

10. Rest- Maybe not a big surprise here, but so many brides are being pulled in all directions on their big day and can’t take time to stop and breath and be in the moment. Designate someone you trust to be in charge of everything so you can relax and enjoy all the day has to offer. You’ll never regret being present but you will regret all you missed.

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